"Rock and roll is coming back, and we're going to be a part of it.”

Growing up in Chicago in the early 2000s never contributed to anyone’s connection to the music of the mid- to late twentieth century, but that didn’t stop these two sets of brothers from forming a love of the music of yesterday - a love that has since developed into a passion to turn it back into the music of today. Pax finds inspiration in classic rock legends like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Eagles, and Blue Öyster Cult and strives to rekindle what these bands and others started some 50 years ago.


Still, times have changed. Pax plays the rock and roll of their predecessors without foregoing the advancements of modern music and the millions of genres and styles that are currently available at a mere whim. This, on top of their invigorating performances and a knack for writing songs that emanate classic rock nostalgia while still bringing a fresh perspective to the genre, is what makes Pax a commanding force in modern rock.


Pax released its first EP in December 2017, achieving moderate success with its title track “The Mango Tree.” This success continued with 2019’s “Projections,” a full-length album headlined by the wistful pop-rock ballad “No Clue.” Pax’s eponymous sophomore album is set for release this year, featuring the singles "Close Your Eyes (Dream Tonight)," "Margarita," and "Goin' Home."


The band began in Mount Prospect, Illinois, in 2015 when Andrew Jacob started organizing jam sessions with high school classmates. Andrew’s love of 50s and 60s rock inspired him to cover many Beatles songs in these early days of the band. Among the musicians who joined Andrew was Troy Retsky, a guitarist whose musical inspirations of the 70s contribute to his powerful solos and electric fills. Troy’s brother Kyle, a drummer and pianist, had written a number of songs with Troy and the duo’s catalogue caught the eye of Andrew, a budding songwriter himself. The three of them, now working together as Pax, enlisted the help of Andrew’s brother, Money, a bassist who was also exploring his role as a songwriter. Since then, Pax has written over 30 songs and plays them regularly around the Chicagoland area, continuing to spread the music they love with an undeniable passion.



// vocals, rhythm guitar


// lead guitar


// bass


// piano, drums